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Angular Server, Large

Angular Server, Large


Exclusive to Oren

Crafted in West Wales from reclaimed Oak

Measures: 46cm L x 26cm W

Finished with Oren Wood Balm

  • About me

    Reclaimed Oak, angular silhouette with a circular end for displaying in the kitchen. Soft edges and a smooth finish show off the unique grain of this hardwearing wood, an elegant addition to any dinner table or kitchen. 

    Every board is unique and made entirely by hand in West-Wales. Being handmade, no two will be the same. There will be small, pleasing imperfections and irregularities in each piece. Sizes and appearance may vary and differ slightly from our featured image. 


    Meet the Maker here!

  • Caring for your board

    After use, wipe down with mild soapy water. Do not soak or place your board in the dishwasher as this can discolour and warp the natural timber. After wiping down, allow the board to dry thoroughly.


    Our boards are finished with Oren’s Foodgrade Wood Balm, a mix of Organic Beeswax, Mineral and Orange Oil. Our balm is available to buy online and re-nourishes your board after several uses. 


    For more information on how to care and prolong your boards life, click here.

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