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Our Responsibilities as a Craft Business

Buy for Life


As a small independent store in today’s complex commercial world, it is more important than ever to take responsibility as a business and pave the way for a slower and meaningful lifestyle. Ditching fast-paced trends and throw-away mentalities has never been so important. At Oren, we believe in high quality, timeless goods that will last a lifetime. Products that can be passed down from one generation to another, prolonging item lifespan and reducing waste.  


Oren pledges to ensure all stocked products are made sustainably, responsibly and fairly. Working with local artist and makers enables us to look closely at what materials are used and by whom. Our business model is based on a one-degree of separation from the maker - handcrafted pieces that come straight from our makers’ workshop and directly to you. From the Welsh Pembrokeshire Coast to Barking in London, we tell the stories of our makers, the things that inspire them and the materials that they use.  


We also work with several fantastic organisations such as Maison Bengal, a Fairtrade Society helping communities in Bangladesh to develop renowned traditional skills as weavers using locally grown natural materials. Aiming to educate on how our choices in buying more ethical and sustainable products really has a huge impact on so many families around the world. Now more than ever, as the world still struggles with the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we can discover the many ways of supporting the more vulnerable communities on the planet we all share. 


We only use environmentally friendly packaging at Oren, ensuring the cleanest and safest delivery of your products. We repurpose any materials received from our makers and avoid non-recyclable toxic resources. Even our Wood Balm Butter stickers are eco-friendly and decomposable! 


By purchasing from Oren, you are actively supporting creativity, cultural tradition, innovation, independent businesses and ways of living in both regional and global craft communities. 

Eco Alliance Sticker, stating Oren uses Eco Packaging within their business.
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