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Antique Olive Pot - Pine

Antique Olive Pot - Pine


Antique Terracotta Olive Pot - Pine

Handpicked from Konya, Turkey.

Height 34cm, Diameter 19.5cm, Weight  2.35kg.


Kindly be aware, this aged pot bears the marks of its prior existence, adding to its distinct character and charm, each piece is unique!

  • About me

    A lovely example of a 20th Century Turkish Olive Pot, stunning in any interior setting. The charming green glazed exterior adds to to the decorative quality of the piece whilst indicating it’s functional use, for storing olive oil, water or grains! 

  • Caring for me

    Please note, this pot is no longer watertight. If you would like to add fresh foliage, we recommend using a pot liner to ensure there is no water seepage or damage caused to the surface it's placed on.

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