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Dustpan and Brush Set

Dustpan and Brush Set


Classic small dustpan and brush set from Iris Hantverk

Width: 25cm, Length 39cm, Height 5cm

Available in three colours: Moss, Petrol and Caramel

  • About me

    Handmade brush using oiltreated beech and horsehair with a bio-polyethylene pan. Bio-polyethylene is made from various feedstocks including sugar cane, sugar beet, and wheat grain. 


    Produced by Iris Hantverk, all brushes are bound in Sweden by 6 amazingly skilled visually impaired brush binders. Since the late 1800s, Iris Hantverk has been manufacturing household brushes and accessories in Stockholm. Today, 11 employees and six visually impaired craftsmen remain, keeping old Swedish traditions alive. The company name ‘Iris’ refers to the flat and ring-shaped membrane of the eye. Each accessory is handmade by a visually impaired craftsman, bringing a whole new meaning to the term handcrafted.

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