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Nourishing Wood Balm

Nourishing Wood Balm


Food Grade Board Balm, handmade in Cambridge

Beeswax, Mineral Oil and Orange Oil

Average contents 250ml

  • About me

    After some wear your board will need re-nourishing. An easy process which can be done with a simple lint-free cloth and any good quality wood balm.


    At Oren we produce our own Food Grade Board Balm. Made of natural ingredients, our balm is a mix of organic beeswax, mineral oil and orange oil, a water-resistant and antibacterial balm that is food safe and good enough for your skin! Each tin contains enough balm to re-condition an average sized serving board dozens of times.


     We only source products from suppliers who meet the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. At all times we aim to reduce our environmental impact by utilising recycled, safe and sustainable materials.


    Our aluminium tins are ISO Certified and fully recyclable.


    Our Wood Balm stickers are FSC Certified and fully decompostable! Using soy-based inks and acid free paper, our stickers wont leave any nasty chemicals behind when decomposing.   

  • Caring for me

    Store in a cool, dry place.


    Click here for further info on how to apply this luscious balm!


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