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Meet the Maker, Sankey Bulwell

We are delighted to stock a vintage classic, hand thrown terracotta pots made by Richard Sankey & Son Ltd. Founded in 1895, the Nottingham based company produced 60,000 handmade clay pots a day, distributing across the globe.

Showcasing the “Sankey Bulwell” stamp, each pot has been lovingly replanted time after time for well over fifty years and show fabulous weathering markings. Unlike today’s terracotta pots, these pots were fired at high temperatures, and as a result have survived years of prolonged use. As each pot is hand-made, no two are the same and have slight imperfections and signs of age.

Sankeys pots were all produced by hand until 1939. In 1976, almost 100 years after the first clay pot was made, the last was produced.

Shop the collection here!

Story & photos courtesy of Bulwell Photos

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