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A slow and steady getaway to the gorgeous village of Fornalutx, nestled high up the Tramuntana mountain range overlooking Sóller. A tight knit traditional community, hosting regular street feasts and festivals for the people and visitors of Fornalutx.

Often referred to as the ‘Prettiest village in Spain’, the stone buildings and red tiled roofs combined with the scent of fresh oranges and lemons provide a traditional rustic charm.

Food and culture go hand in hand in this small town: the two intertwine inextricably! You will also find inspiration in the everyday here! From the sounds of the early morning risers, to the exceptional local art, a fantastic spot for Slow Living.

Inspiration is all around!

Take this old chair for example. It’s an object almost everyone across the world will encounter every day in some form or another, and with which everyone has different associations. The key is to be able to look at an everyday object in a new light and use it as a springboard for inspiration.

Vintage Chair from Fornalutx, Spain.
Vintage Chair from Fornalutx, Spain.

Places to visit whilst in Fornalutx:

  • Incredible tapas at Molon @molon_restaurant , Fornalutx.

  • A family run bakery with the best pastries and focaccia @forndebarri, Fornalutx.

  • Biniaraix, a charming world heritage site, here you’ll find Cafè Es Barranc, definitely worth a visit!

  • A short car drive from Fornalutx: Deià Town, a tiny stone sanctuary amid the Tramuntana Mountains. Great for local shopping, a beautiful day out!

  • Port de Sóller for a quick stop at the beach 🏖️

Rolling hills of Fornalutx, Spain.
Fornalutx Hills, Spain.

To see what we got up to in Fornalutx, take a look at Oren's quick 30 second reel!

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