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Maker's Story, Jo Davda at Brickett Davda Ceramics

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Brickett Davda produces a range of beautifully simple handmade tableware inspired by a very English palette. The colours reflect the grey skies and the sea of the British coast and countryside, pigments that are calm and serene.

The shapes are conceived and designed from pure, functional objects, cherished and worn by use. The most important aspect of Jo Davda’s work is that every piece inspires and enhances cooking and eating, with friends and family or simply on your own.

Jo studied fine art and started to experiment with clay on the kitchen table, she designed a collection of tableware - simple forms with her hand painted colour palette and Brickett Davda was conceived. These ceramics are pieces to cherish and collect - beautiful, functional and designed for longevity.

Jo Davda has been crafting her iconic designs since the early 90’s. Effortlessly fusing influences from urban and natural landscapes with a restrained practicality, she distils essential elements of colour and form to create pieces with a rare purity.

A short film about designer ceramicist Jo Davda.

Brickett Davda Ceramics are pieces to cherish and collect, beautiful, functional, and original.

Images and text courtesy of Brickett Davda

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