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How it all began

Work towards launching our new business began early in the year, January to be precise. Another lockdown meant time was spent pondering over new ideas and ‘what ifs’, finally paving way to the beginning of a long-awaited vision.

Gathering all her research in West Wales, founder Annie began piecing together stories and memories of her upbringing in the countryside, where communities lived off the land and skilled craftsmen and women produced timeless and sustainable products using locally sourced materials.

Unfolding as ideas on a large cork mood board, Annie envisaged pieces from coarse basketry for garden harvests to soft curved Ash platters, serving the finest catch of the day. Through notions of a slow and sustainable approach to everyday life, the collection grew around two themes, an appreciation of the simpler things and savouring everyday moments.

Founded on a belief in the lasting value of finely crafted wares, Annie decided to support and stock sustainable artists and makers, starting in her own hometown of Cardigan, West Wales.

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